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Paper Waste

Estimated at more than 300 Million Tonnes a year (UNPRI, p. 5), choking many of the planet's rivers, persisting in the environment, polluting wildlife habitat, creating virtual islands in the oceans, and leading to stockpiles in municipal recycling and landfill facilities.

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CXTL Recycling Canada Corp.

Converts Global Problems into

Global Solutions

One of the world's most pressing environmental problems is plastic waste

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CXTL's solution adapts the Three Rs to support the Sustainable Development Goals:

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GRI, UN Global Compact, & WBCSD. SDG Compass, 2015.

GRI, UN Global Compact, & WBCSD. SDG Compass, 2015.

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Turning a waste liability into value-added feedstock

CXTL is the exclusive worldwide operator of a recycling technology that breaks down plastics into saleable products, leaving virtually no waste behind.

The foundational technology, which Mr. John Blair, CEO of CXTL, first invented in 1993, uses a patent-pending nanochemical process utilizing ultra-frequencies to depolymerize and break down specific materials. Mr. Blair has iterated the technology over numerous deployments, improving the technology each time.

Aligning Economic, Environmental and Social imperatives

CXTL’s technology represents a breakthrough in recycling technology, particularly for difficult-to-recycle plastic waste that municipalities across North America are currently faced with.

The economic opportunity that this represents is matched by the sustainability of our process, which maintains the strict environmental standards required of responsible corporations today as part of the circular economy.




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