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Based in Calgary, Canada, CXTL’s vision is a fully circular economy to reclaim valuable feedstock from waste plastics, achieving a ZLF (Zero Landfill) society and solving the problems that waste plastic currently creates. We provide our stakeholders – including municipalities and industries such as mining, hydrocarbon production and waste management – with a safe, economical, low-carbon-emission and socially just alternative to landfills by converting plastics and other hydrocarbons into upgraded fuel and feedstocks. Our current facility processes plastics focusing on computer e-waste, a traditionally challenging area for recycling worldwide. 

CXTL is jointly owned by Magnetic North Acquisition Corp and Cirque Innovations Ltd. Cirque, a privately owned company, contributes the technology and management, while Magnetic North contributes capital, and management expertise as needed.

Our Team

"Our team is like a gear, we don't work alone"

- J. Barclay

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